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Belotero® Intense works like magic!

Belotero® Intense works like magic!

Belotero® intense has truly helped me in coping up with my natural flaws such as deep facial lines on my face that would never have left my skin if I wouldn’t have made the right choice of using dermal filler for anti-wrinkle treatment.

My skin naturally had some faults in it. Like some people are born with birth marks or scars on their body and sometimes face, I was born with deep facial folding on my face. Deep facial folding is a term used to express tissue folding inside the layers of skin.  Our skin has three main layers, upper layer, lower layer and middles layer known as dermis. Sometimes the dermis of skin is not properly spread inside the skin, which leads to skin wrinkles and lines are appeared on skin. Belotero Intense help to fight such problems by providing the lost moisture to the inner skin surface.

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