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One Secret Ingredient; Dermaheal HL

One Secret Ingredient; Dermaheal HL

My hair has suffered a lot. It has been through several rounds of bleach several rounds of hair color. All the damage that my hair went through, I still managed to save my hair by injecting hair filler; Dermaheal HL over my scalp which increased my hair growth up to 20 times more than before.

I started bleaching my hair since I was 14. After that, I did not care about my hair health; all I wanted was to get a perfect blonde look. For that purpose, I had to go through a lot of hair dyes and hair toxic chemicals, which obviously was that reason of my baldness and thinning of hair. Normally, every girl had once in her life gone through the hair fall issues. I too had hair fall at different phases of my life but after taking of my hair or getting onto a healthy diet, my hair used to get back to normal and healthy.

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This time (last year), my hair went through severe hair loss. This hair loss was not like normal one. This was something extraordinary. I used to lose my hair during shower, while brushing. In fact sometimes when I used to wake up in the morning, I used to observe a lot of whole as well as broken hair on my pillow. This cared me. I thought, if this kept going on, I will be bald one day.

On my 25th birthday, a doctor friend of mine suggested me to use hair filler for my hair issue. I did not take notice over his advice because of the old myths regarding fillers having hazardous chemicals which is completely wrong. He called me to his clinic and asked me about my fears regarding fillers. After listening to my concerns, he informed me about fillers and provided me a list of organically produced fillers, which are totally non harmful for human skin.

They contain ingredients which human skin already produces such as Hyaluronic acid; responsible for providing lost hydration to hair so that hair will get its elastic properties back. The list he provided contained remarkable hair filler, popularly known as; Dermaheal HL. A genuine buy for obvious results is necessary so I bought the products from an authentic vender online; This is the secret of my thick and healthy hair that I have today, otherwise my stupidity would have led me to complete bald scalp.